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Cookie Policy


What is a cookie?

The use of cookies is common on the Internet. A cookie is a small text file containing information, which is stored on the hard drive of your terminal (e.g. computer, tablet or mobile phone) during the consultation of a website through your browser software. It is transmitted by the server of a website to your browser. The cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is stored, during the period of validity or storage of the cookie concerned. A cookie does not make it possible to identify a natural person.

Why do we use cookies?

We use 2 categories of cookies whose purposes are described below.

Some technical cookies (session cookies in particular) are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Their removal can lead to browsing difficulties and make it impossible to subscribe to our offers online.

  1. Technical cookies

    Technical cookies are cookies which are strictly necessary for the functioning of the site. They allow access to the reserved and personal areas of our site, thanks to personal identifiers (session ID cookie), to implement security measures (for example, when asked to connect again to a content or service after a certain period of time), to allow or facilitate communication for the provision of a service by electronic means expressly requested by the user. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browsing session.

    These cookies are issued and deposited by the site. They have a very short life span, for the majority, for the duration of the session, and at most one year.

  2. Audience measurement cookies (production of statistics)

    These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website. For example, the number of visits, the most visited pages, etc. These cookies make it possible to establish traffic analysis statistics on the basis of which the contents of our site are improved according to the success of a particular page with our visitors.

    Example :

    Google Analytics, the statistics tool used by the site, generates different cookies with a unique identifier, whose life spans are limited between 1 minute and 24 months. We collect the IP address to identify the city from which you are connecting. The last two bytes are immediately anonymized. Google Analytics therefore cannot under any circumstances identify an individual user via the data collected.

    The data collected is not transferred to third parties or used for other purposes.

  3. Targeted or advertising cookies

    This type of cookie can only be installed with your prior consent. These cookies collect information about the navigation of your terminal on our site in order to offer you targeted advertisements that are adapted to you and / or according to your interests. They allow us to adapt the advertising content displayed on your device in our advertising space, according to the browsing information collected.

    We may also, subject to your choice, associate navigation information about your device collected by the cookies we emit, with your personal data that you have transmitted to us when you access your personal space, in order to, for example, send you electronic commercial proposals / offers or to display on our advertising spaces or on the sites of our partners (third-party sites) personalised advertisements that are specifically intended for you and that may be of interest to you personally.

    These cookies also allow us to limit the number of ad appearances and help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

    For the presentation of our targeted advertising on third party sites, we accept the installation of cookies by advertising agencies with which we have partnerships.

    As part of these partnerships, we may send them anonymous navigation data about you; however, we do not provide personal information about you to third-party sites that display our ads. These cookies are deposited by Havas Media.

How are cookies managed?

Several possibilities are available to you to manage cookies. Any configuration you may perform may change your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to some services that require the use of Cookies.

If you share the use of your terminal with other people

If your terminal is used by several persons and if the same terminal has several types of browser software, we cannot be sure that the services and advertisements intended for your terminal correspond to your own use of this terminal and not to that of another user.

You may choose at any time to modify your wishes regarding cookies, by the means described below.

Setting your browser

You can configure your browser software so that cookies are saved in your terminal or, conversely, rejected, either systematically or depending on their issuer. You can also configure your browser software so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies is proposed each time, before a cookie is likely to be stored on your terminal.

The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu on your browser.

For more information on cookies

For more information on cookies, you can visit the CNIL website at