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Letter of credit


Your guarantee of secure international transactions.



Letter of credit enables you to:

  • As the importer (originator), initiate the transaction and set the documentary terms, payment terms (on demand or on maturity) and delivery deadlines that you have negotiated with your supplier (beneficiary).


  •  As the exporter (beneficiary of Letter of credit), guarantee payment upon dispatch and presentation of the documents in accordance with the Letter of credit terms of the bank negotiating the documents.

Payment is even easier when the seller and the buyer have made an agreement regarding the content of the contract and the payment terms. Once the commercial contract is concluded, the importer instructs its bank to issue the Letter of credit, in favour of the exporter, to the exporter’s bank. This credit is then notified to the exporter by its bank (notifying bank).

The second stage is issuing the Letter of credit, which means that, once the dispatch has been made, the beneficiary submits the documents required under the terms of the letter of credit to the notifying bank.

After examining the documents according to the terms of the Letter of credit and the UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice) governing them, the bank honours the payment if the documents are all in order. Payment is subject to the agreement of the originator if the documents are not in order. The originator is therefore informed of any reservations made and can choose whether to lift them or not.



For the importer:

  • The importer, when dealing with a foreign supplier, can strengthen its position by using letter of credit. In addition, due to the greater security and rapid execution of payment, the importer can benefit from price reductions.
  • The documentation required by letter of credit at the time of issue provides you with documents whose characteristics correspond accurately to your import (amount, dispatch times, documents, description and quantity of goods etc.).
  • When the credit is issued, and if these documents are not in order, the bank will ask you if you want to accept the documents or not, and to authorise payment.
  • Supply of the goods to you and payment for the goods is not made until all reservations have been lifted.

For the exporter:

  • Letter of credit is the most appropriate way of ensuring secure payment for an export. It is an irrevocable commitment by the bank in your favour.
  • With confirmation of letter of credit by Attijariwafa bank Europe, maximum security of your payment is guaranteed.
  • You will receive payment for your export (on demand or on maturity) once the dispatch documents have been confirmed to be in order by the confirming bank (or the bank designated to negotiate the documents).
  • Confirmation is a means of securing your exports either to new customers or to countries considered a risk.
  • Letter of credit can be used to finance your exports, as Attijariwafa bank Europe can offer you forfaiting in cases of settlement with payment terms, transfer of your letter of credit or opening of BACK TO BACK letter of credit.