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Attijariwafa bank Europe

A banking subsidiary under French law of the Attijariwafa bank Group, created in January 2006, Attijariwafa bank Europe helps to establish the group as the preferred partner of North African communities living in Europe and to support trade between European companies and North and West African companies. Based in the heart of the Paris financial district, Attijariwafa bank Europe already has five branches in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The Attijariwafa bank Group is also present in Great Britain. In addition to money transfer, Attijariwafa bank Europe offers its customers all the products and services of a traditional retail bank and since June 2008 has started to roll out this business in its branches all over Europe. The retail banking activity is now available across the whole European network.



International Banking Activity

The International Banking department of the European subsidiary also operates in countries such as Italy, Spain and Benelux, where transactions relating to international trade with countries in North Africa, Africa or the Middle East form a significant part of its business.

Its mission is to:

  • Meet the needs of companies exporting to North Africa, French-speaking Africa and the Middle East.

  • Support European investment in North Africa and Africa.

  • Monitor and channel the development of business from African subsidiaries of the Attijariwafa bank group, by offering European export customers financial instruments which secure their payments.


In 2008 the International Banking department of Attijariwafa bank Europe recorded a significant annual increase in operations related to external trade.


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