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  • Discount without recourse or Forfaiting
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Discount without recourse or Forfaiting


A simple, efficient solution for financing your export transactions under the best conditions.


Forfaiting is a simple, efficient financial instrument which guarantees foreign exporters transfer without recourse to receivables from commercial export operations.

This operation is defined as definitive buyback by Attijariwafa bank Europe of usance trade receivables held by foreign suppliers with import customers.

These receivables are represented by accepted, guaranteed drafts or letters of credit.


  • The exporter benefits from coverage against the commercial risk and the country risk, at an advantageous cost.
  • The exporter controls the cost of financing, at the time the commercial contract is concluded.
  •  The contract can be 100% financed simply and quickly, at a competitive cost.
  • The debts concerned are removed from the exporter’s books, allowing it to devote its credit lines to other operations.
  • There is no further need to monitor the customer receivable.
  • The exporter has a dedicated contact person for all its operations in North Africa and French-speaking Africa.